The Ferrari F40 – the last new model presented in the presence of Enzo Ferrari – wowed the motoring world when first unveiled in June 1987. It was the second of Ferrari’s 1980s limited-production ‘racers for the road’, following on from the 288 GTO. The model took its name from the ‘F’ of Ferrari and ‘40’ as a celebration of the 40th anniversary of Ferrari car production.

Like the preceding GTO, customers could have an F40 in any colour they liked, as long as it was red! However, it was even faster, far more radical in appearance, and rather more bereft of interior appointments than the GTO, with a totally minimalist approach and extensive use of composite components in its construction.

Ferrari quoted the power output of the F40’s twin-turbo, 2,963cc, 90° V8 engine as an impressive 478bhp at 7,000rpm, with a peak torque figure of 425lb ft at 4,000rpm for the European model.

The distinctive profile of the car became a calling card for Ferrari worldwide, gaining iconic status and gracing posters and magazine covers.

The car was begging to be developed for racing, and competition examples competed in top-level national and international racing from 1989 to 1996, with regular entries in the BPR Global GT series and appearances at Le Mans.

Today, the F40 is still revered as one of the greatest Ferraris and is highly sought after and prized by collectors throughout the world.

This lavishly produced book, covering every aspect of the F40 in-depth, is essential reading for all motoring enthusiasts.

Ferrari F40 by Keith Bluemel; Porter Press International; ISBN: 9781913089429

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