Custodian has announced the long-term vision for its free-to-use service, which allows members to manage their classic and specialist cars online.

In an open letter to members today, Custodian CEO Charles Clegg sets out the company’s plans to become the central repository of accurate, authoritative and trustworthy information for the classic, specialist and enthusiast car world, and provide a means to organise it for the benefit of passionate car enthusiasts. 

This is in line with a founding philosophy to ensure the long-term preservation of car enthusiasm by removing the friction associated with the ownership of classic, specialist and enthusiast cars. The requirement for this service is evidenced by sustained user growth with more than 5,000 members using the Custodian platform. Indeed, the value of cars currently managed on the platform has grown to more than £150 million. 

These members are already using the Custodian platform to upload details about their car, enabling them to keep their vehicle’s important documents, photographs and history in one place that is easily searchable and at their fingertips, which can also be shared with prospective buyers. 

The process of digitising the information not only provides a seamless and enjoyable ownership experience but is also vital to ensuring that years of knowledge are not lost with the passing of the generation that currently owns and cherishes them. To enable the future accessibility and organisation of this knowledge, Custodian has developed a highly secure and instantly accessible digital repository augmented by sophisticated knowledge graph technology.

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