After the success of the first two episodes “Before we hit the ground” and “Trust is gained”, the long-awaited episode of “Beyond the Visible,” the docu-series which goes behind the scenes with the Alfa Romeo F1 Team ORLEN, is here. The third of five digital episodes reveals the adrenaline-pumping and challenging daily routine of the team involved in the world’s most-watched motorsport competition is now available.

The third episode, entitled “The Hidden Backbone“, takes the audience on a discovery of the complex and maniacal organisation of the logistics operations behind a season of Formula 1. Complex numbers, units of measurement, and metrics are used to organise the transfer of people and materials from one part of the world to another. The hospitality, paddock, and garage that house the team’s sporting exploits are rebuilt from the ground up at every single race, only to be dismantled a few hours later.

Leading the entire process, with great skill and precision, is a highly specialised team that relentlessly faces long intercontinental transfers, with gruelling shifts to bring to life and dismantle immediately after the physical structure where the world’s most watched motorsport competition takes place.

In this third episode the general public will have the opportunity to learn about the background of those fundamental activities that, out of the spotlights, bring the excitement of Formula 1 to the stage. Out of a budget of 140 million euros, 15 percent is allocated to logistics operations, material handling, and transportation. Concerning the last season, about 230 tons are moved by sea, 40 tons by air, and the remainder is loaded onto trucks and transferred by land.

In addition, about 100 team members, including drivers, mechanics, athletic trainers, doctors, dedicated catering staff, and marketing and communications department personnel, travel on each Grand Prix. Operations are strategically planned well in advance: by December of the previous year, 90 percent of the entire logistics of the upcoming season are finalised.

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