Beaulieu is delighted to announce a brand-new partnership with Picturepath, a mobile application service, aimed at creating a more inclusive environment for everyone.

Beaulieu has always been committed to providing the best possible access for every visitor and this new partnership is an example of how the attraction is looking ahead to ensure it can provide extra support for all those that wish to visit.

Picturepath gives visitors the opportunity to visually plan their visit to Beaulieu in advance from the comfort of their own home. Users are able to access an image-based visitor guide which allows them to get familiar with the venue before arriving to reduce the anxiety caused by new environments.

The app launched in the National Motor Museum in January 2023 and has improved access for all, but in particularly those who suffer with autism, anxiety and other additional support needs.

The app also provides visitors with support during their visit to the attraction, including help navigating to seating areas, going to and from accessible toilets, finding information booths and providing location information about accessible parking.  Educational groups can also use the app to create an unlimited number of timelines for tours, activities and experiences for their day out at the attraction.

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