The Ford GT40 is revered worldwide as one of the greatest-ever sports racing cars, taking Ford to the most coveted prize in endurance racing – overall victory at the Le Mans 24 Hours – for four consecutive years, from 1966 to 1969.

The GT40 was born out of Ford’s Total Performance programme, aimed at winning in worldwide motorsport in order to promote the Blue Oval brand and its products, although the GT40 itself evolved from what began as a somewhat naïve effort to a highly professional operation which took on, and beat, the established endurance-racing manufacturers, not least Ferrari.

During the GT40 programme, many companies and personalities were involved in developing the car and its components, including Lola Ford Advanced Vehicles (FAV), Shelby American and Gurney Weslake, among others. Names such as Roy Lunn, Eric Broadley, Carroll Shelby, Dan Gurney and Phil Remington have all become synonymous with the story.

This unique, large-format book tells the engineering story of the GT40 by showcasing a collection of the original technical drawings for the car, providing a visual feast for GT40 and motorsport enthusiasts, engineering aficionados and those who appreciate technical drawing as an artform.

The many different styles of drawing presented reflect the companies and draughtsmen involved in their origination and provide fascinating, previously unpublished insight into the story behind a car that has become a motorsport legend.

GT40 Uncovered: A unique look at the engineering story of Ford’s multiple Le Mans winner through the original technical drawings by Claude Nahum with Steve Rendle; Porter Press International; ISBN: 9781913089351

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